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Who are we, what are we doing and why are we doing it.

We are specialists in the premium end of the Classic Car restoration and maintenance business.

Over time we have built a collection of Classic Cars and Motorcycles which are privately owned by ourselves our family and our friends.

We have now reached to point where we no longer have enough room for the collection so we have decided to sell a few of our prized possessions.

All of these cars were acquired with the intention of keeping them in our collection so all of the work and restoration has been to the highest standard using original parts where possible and if not then the highest quality parts available.

Please be aware that these vehicles are privately owned.  This is not part of our business, so we cannot offer any warranties on these vehicles.  You will, however have the benefit of purchasing these vehicles from the owner and not paying a dividend to a dealer. You are also welcome to inspect any vehicle in Powells workshop.